An international conference

Stockholm City is proud to host the Iasa World Summit, ITARC 2015. A leading international conference where hundreds of IT-architects and thought leaders come together to discuss IT-architecture.

It doesn’t matter if you are an enterprise, solution, infrastructure or software architect. Your job is to create VALUE in one form or another. ITARC 2015 will discuss various methods, systems and experiences to help IT architects create and sustain value on all levels.

Among the topics are models for evaluation, the new ISO/IEC 42030 standard, the Zachman framework and beyond, ATAM for value, the value of quality attributes, patterns, business capability modelling, the viable system model, the value-driven organization and global leadership in practice.

May 21 starts with a joint morning session and two tracks in the afternoon. The tracks are Business and Technology. At the end of the day the program concludes with a joint keynote. May 22 hosts morning and afternoon workshops in five tracks.


ITARC in the past

This is the 8th year we organize ITARC in Stockholm. Previous themes have been Cloud, Information Explosion, Reinventing Architecture, Architecture as Art, Internet of Things, Design and The Intelligence Age with speakers from IBM, Google, Microsoft, AstraZeneca, Forrester Research, Amazon, Semantic Arts and many more…

Among the previous distinguished keynote speakers we have Reuven Cohen, Roger Sessions, Dave McComb, Till Gutzen, Thomas Fürth, Usman Haque, Vlad Trifa, Florian Michahelles, Tim DeGennaro, Jonas Toftefors, Sven-Håkan Olsson, Daniel Akenine, Cecilia Hertz, Mike Lloyd, Robin Brouwer, Simon Brown, Erik Billing, Mikael Höglund, Sam Cole and Paul Preiss.



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The venue for ITARC 2015 is located in central Stockholm.

Download the program for ITARC 2015

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